Saturday, September 13, 2008


Suspend/resume on a ThinkPad T61 with OpenSolaris works

Woohoo! Suspend and resume finally work for me!

I've been running OpenSolaris on my laptop since one of the 2008.05 release candidates. I've been doing an image uupdate evvery time a new one is available, and the first thing I always try is to see whether suspend/resume work for me. Initially, suspend didn't work at all. It would go through the process, hit whatever driver didn't yet have suspend support (I've forgotten which one it was), and gracefully back out of the process.

A couple of updates ago, whatever driver it was apparently got support for suspend, and my laptop finally did a full suspend, including lighting up the little green moon symbol that indicates that the laptop is asleep. Woohoo! I was cooking with gas! At least I thought I was. Unfortunately, resume didn't actually work, so being able to suspend didn't help me much.

Today I did an update to build 97, and of course I tried suspend/resume. Suspend worked, but I was expecting that. I opened the laptop, and nothing happened, as expected. I hit a few keys, and nothing happened, as expected. I hit the power button and saw some disk activity. I'd seen this before, so I didn't get excited. But then the screen came to life. And things worked. I didn't get too excited, as it could simply have been a fluke. I tried it again, and it worked again. I still wasn't going to claim victory, though. Ten times later, it's worked successfully every time.


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