Friday, February 09, 2007


Cisco VPN client on Windows under QEMU on Solaris

Okay, nothing terribly exciting to see here. It's another addition to the who-knows-how-many blog entries out there about how someone managed to get some OS working in a virtual machine under another OS.

So I got Windows working under QEMU under Solaris x86 on my laptop. The reason for doing this was so that I would be able to be able to VPN into work without actually having to boot into Windows.

(BTW, I'm using the SUNWqemu package available here.)

And here's the obligatory screenshot. Just to be cute, I took a recursive screenshot:

Monday, February 05, 2007


Snoop and NFS filehandles

Okay, so this is a non-original-content blog entry, but I found it interesting and wanted to link to it. Here is a blog entry about associating the NFS (v3) file handle you see in snoop output to the referenced file on the NFS server. It's another one of those things that's obvious after the fact: "Hmm, an NFS filehandle encodes certain information so that the NFS server can uniquely identify a file, so there must be some way to uniquely identify a file on an NFS server given the filehandle." But I still think it's interesting to see it in practice.

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