Wednesday, March 19, 2008



I attended dtrace.conf(08) last week, which was the first DTrace conference. On a personal level, I was glad to finally get to meet the guys behind DTrace (Bryan Cantrill, Adam Leventhal, and Mike Shapiro) and the sponsor for my DTrace code submissions, Jon Haslam, as well as a number of people whose names were familiar from blogs and mailing lists (and books on Solaris.) I was also pleasantly surprised to be told that I'd been given core contributor status in the DTrace community (along with Jarod Jensen.)

The conference itself was pretty interesting. Others have blogged about the conference, and I don't have much to add about the quality of the group in attendance or the subject matter presented. (Unfortunately, the bulk of the attendees missed my Weekend Warrior's Guide to DTrace Development presentation, as I had the misfortune of being scheduled for the slot just before dinner, and the schedule slipped during the day. I did finally get to talk in front of a group of about a dozen people sometime after a number of beers and a few rounds of fishpong (no, not that fishpong), which, I guess, makes for my humorous conference anecdote.)

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