Monday, April 24, 2006


First post

In the grand tradition of blogging, I'll state that this is my first blog and then ask myself the question, why have I decided to blog.

So why have I decided to blog? I've considered it before, but I've always decided not to. As I see it, nobody's interested in what I have to say. OTOH, that doesn't seem to have stopped millions of others from blogging, so I figured I'd give it a shot. After all, if Dylan could put out records with a voice like that, why couldn't Hendrix?

What am I likely to blog about, assuming I blog at all after this first entry? Mostly technical stuff. I'm not that terribly interested in talking about my personal life in a public forum, nor is the public interested in hearing about my personal life. No matter how cute the new twins are.

Who am I? Given that I'd prefer to focus on technical stuff, I'll answer the part of that question that asks, "What do I do?" I'm a Unix sysadmin. I've been a Unix admin for over ten years now (not counting the two years I spent at Princeton working on my Ph.D. in computer science before deciding it wasn't for me.) I started in the Computer Science Department at the University of Tennessee, where I worked (nominally) part-time while getting my Master's degree and full-time for a couple of years after that before my essay at an academic career. Since then, I've been working the same job for almost six years, first for Juno Online Services, then for United Online, the company formed from the merger of NetZero and Juno.

That's likely enough for now. If I don't follow up on this, it's likely not a big loss.

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